What propose

What do we offer?

Our company activities are as follows :

  1. Consultations, engineering investigation and preliminary studies in the field of energy efficiency(EE) and energy saving(ES);
  2. Decisions for improvement of EE in technical and investment design;
  3. Consultations in the field of energy consumption and energy saving;
  4. Designing and engineering services;
  5. Preparation and implementation of energy saving projects;
  6. Tests, measurement and verification of hot water boilers;
  7. Evaluation of conformity for investment projects in accordance with the requirements for energy efficiency /Art.169, par.1, item 6 of the Law on Territory Planning/;
  8. Preparation of Energy passports of new constructed buildings-includes energy efficiency auditing and issuing of Energy Efficiency Certificate that allows property tax remission in accordance with Art.24,par.1, and item 19 and 19 from the Law for Local Taxes and Fees.The energy passport is part of the techncial passport of the building;
  9. Preparation of Energy passports of reconstructed buildings-includes energy efficiency auditing and isssuing of Energy Efficiency Certificate-class A or B that allows property tax remission in accordance with Art.24, par.1, item 18 and 19 from Law for Local Taxes and Fees.The energy passport is a part of the techncial passport of the building, issued after reconstruction or restoration of the building;
  10. Consultation, preparation, design and implementation of projects for producing of electrical power from Renewable Energy Sources-wind generators, small hydro power plants, photovoltaic systems etc.

How do we achieve these results?

  1. Through investigation, consulting, updating/ erecting, supporting and monitoring of the energy equipment;
  2. Through energy efficiency auditing which consists of:
  3. - General assessment of situation:
    - Engineering-economical assessment of efficiency ofconsumption;
    - Assessment of energy management;
    - Elaboration of different projects /”repairing”; ”refurbishment”, “reconstruction”/ for optimization of electric-current/ECE/ and thermal energy/ET/ ;
    - Economical assessment of different projects which express in ECE and TE saving in accordance with cash flows;

  4. Through investigation of energy efficiency as a part of the techncial passports of the buildings projects following the requirements of Law on Territory Planning;
  5. Through organizing data base of information about building's actual situation and upcoming projects;.
  6. By means of modern technical measuring instruments and archiving of the results which include. precise temperature measuring instruments, pressure measuring instruments, instruments for measurement of gas consumption and gas speed, liquids and fluids as well by means of computerized thermo-visional control of installations, buildings, working and contact surfaces;
  7. Through processing of results by means of licensed special technological and economical software of well known European companies.
  8. Certificaring;


What are the results?
* Energy audit determines qualitive and quantitive energy consumption. This is an inner audit.It determines one of the basic resources of economical subjects – energy. It is necessary for the function of every company because it gives the following directions:

  1. There is information for the actual situations in according to energy consumption and building condition /obejct/ from the point of view of energy saving.
  2. The real necessity of energy consumption is determined.
  3. The decisions for optimization of energy consumption are offered..
  4. The energy efficiency programs are elaborated.
  5. The aims of effective energy management /EEM/ are determined as follows:
    - The best favourable variant of a project is determined in accordance with complex of technical-economical assessment.
    - Recommendations for implementation shall be prepared;
    - Elaboration of linear time schedules for realization with the vasic stages.
  6. The term of redeemable investment is determined.


How do we guarantee these results?


- following the method of "Performance Contracting"

-working together(our company and the partner) and insurance fincancial means for the project from "Energy Efficiency in Bulgaria"fund and/or other financial institutions.

  1. We do entire servicing of the object during the contract and after the exipry of the contract as to guarantee future results through entire compliance of the offered decisions.
  2. We train the partner's staff througout the entire servincing.